Erm, Were worth it too dammit!

Ta da!!!! I've finally decided to do it myself, (or try to) I'm always complaining about there aren't, or any sites or blogs that are dedicated to just men'swear! I'm, eeaanrr...there are some, but like it ain't enough, and They go through alot of trouble for women, but dammit, were worth it too! (Say it with me fellas)

Pshh, i mean look at Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar blah blah all for women, we deserve the same, cos sh**t we like looking fly just like anyone else.

So i have taken it upon myself to dedicate this blog to what's hot and what's fresssh to death - And, don't take it that seriously, it's gonna be fun for me, and it will be fun for you.

And i love me bargains, so I'll try fish out dem Best buy's later on!

R ya ready?

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  1. Wow!!! Loving this blog, and the fashion tips and news you're coming up. This is sooooo ideal for the 21st man who doesn't splash out too much on designers yet, is very innovative and creative about their style.