Feelin' your style - Steph Jones!

Everynow and then, i'll pull out someone from myspace or on the street and say, "I'm feeling that style" and its self-explanotory.

The first feature is "Steph Jones", but he ain't just anyone from myspace, he is set to be BIG - come show support at http://www.myspace.com/stephjones2, His music is blessed, and makes you feel good - And that's music.

But we also love his style, very LA chic - rustic and casual, also has a tendency to mix it up, play around and Steph Jones knows how to have fun, with clothes too! Knows how to put the accessories to good use (Lovin' the hats), and not look too much, Fellas take note of how to accesorize arm jewellery, and necklaces too, plays with colour, he gave it some thought you know? he didn't just throw it on, its interesting to look at and totally his!

Steph Jones WE SALUTE YOU! and your music!

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