The High Street Low Down!

So, the lowdown on the high street store, and im only gonna name the most popular ones that everyone goes to, although i think fellas should venture out - you know, go seek out those little boutique, so much more enjoyable and much more rewarding when you find something no one else's got and cheap too!

But that's for the more advanced shopper, (wink)


So i was in there the other day, and it was hectic as usual, but its koo i'm used to it, just block dem bitches out! Alot of basics, a few cassies (casual knitwear etc) one or 2 nice things, but they all carried a one tone palatte for me, although there was alot of colour, no one really stuck out! And i promise i would pick out the diamond in the rough for you guys. The vintage section is v impressive, though shadowed by the immense volume of sale items that seem to mix in with the full price stuff just brung it down. The vintage clothes looked sad, they usually have attitude, but i was tempted by few things, but i trust my instincts, some of the items are quite overpriced, (for me) and i had to put it down and force myself out. Had a quick peek at the footwear, nothing special, though i did see some Glitteratti shoes, and just thought, erm no! Yeah so, all in all, Topman aint really hitting it for me lately. Moving on.


After Topman i always hit H&M, cos i always think i can find something similar for cheaper, most of the time i can settle for something similar, so i head down there full of enthusiasm. Not much either, though i think its cos its almost closing time and all the good stuff has been fished out, the sale items are still there holding on hoping someone will take them home, most of them all L, XL, XXL stuff. (goodluck) Though i did see a shirt, that didn't have my size, BITCHES! excuse my french. only £19.99. H&M stuff are always reasonably priced. Me likey, i will be back.

River Island

Alot of the sale iteams are wearable, and the floor has a nice layout - River Island always has an edge to their stuff, the things you can get from Topman and H&M will be a simple, but river island always tries to push it a little, and so some of their stuff have more of an attitude, great knitwear - some items are elegant and nice colour palette. Their formal wear is creative and really nice. Though im not a fan of number and useless splashings of numbers and letters on the clothes, just aint me, sometimes i pick it up and think...ooh, this might be, and then put off by the nonesense on them, i will say this, river island do great accessories, you will always find one or two things you'll like. And can i urge, always always try things on! I know it can get busy, but try going after work or when its a little quite. I know guys have a complex about trying things on, but boi, i hate taking things back, so it's your choice.

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