Hottest MAN-bags this season!

So let's face it fellas, almost every guy is carrying something hot on their arms that isn't their girlfriend, yes fellas - It's the MANBAG! and if you don't have one, you need to get with it.

So let me break it down for you - personally for me, i like to keep it simple, stylish and elegant. If your not sure about what to carry (and you prob should invest in a good one) go with black. There are tonnes of wicked bags out there ranging from £3 (it was reduced from £7.99 in H&M, and i bought 2, right to £1000's) either way you won't be left behind.

Here are some of my favourites


This bag is quint essential elegance, simple and stylish - kind reminds me of the Louis Vuitton bag that comes in red, blue and black. and its %384.00. For us Londoners its £196.00 (Not that bad, I would)


I didn't know Dior had done bags for men? huh, how about that. I love this bag, because it oozes designer style and im not posting it just cos it's designer - it ain't about that. The shape is odd, and you know it will turn heads! it screams sophisticated and style and will definately complete a kick ass outfit to work or for drinks/dinner. Plus it will prob fit any crap you want to carry around, it will cost you around $796, that's £407 for us. Sigh, time to save up! ^_^

Dolce & Gabbana

Note! It's Dolce & Gabbana and not D&G, There's a difference. Also love this bag, metallics are big this season, and this is perfect! Dolce & Gabbana never fails to deliver, no surprise their one of my favourite designers. This will look good on any outfit, its sporty and the black can let you get away with a formal look. Def in trend for 2008. It will cost you $900, £460.

Bottega Veneta

This lil badboy is a STAR buy, it's a little pricey but boi, it has a timeless chic, a good investment if you can afford it - and you know you can bang this one out next near and it will still be hott! The signature woven leather is sophisticated and discreet, carried off with confidence and you'll look like a million bucks. This is $2,396.00, £1,225.


At first i wasn't gonna post this, but i must be open minded. It's alittle unusual, but i like it - its sleek, and kinda looks like a bomber jacket turned into a bag - it storage isn't that big, so alittle practical for me, but looks dead cool..at $1,132.00, £578 you can look kool too.


Now, i've always loved Prada. Their stuff is very classic and timeless, discreet sex appeal, and lately i've been getting this vintage vibe from them, love it! This one is very well crafted, extremely sophisticated and will top any outfit off, trust me, people will take notice. The colour is classic, perfect for spring and summer, ah..its beautiful. (tears) this is $1,276.00, £652.


Well, well well, Hermes is really making a stand huh - this stylish twist on the canvas draw-string back is really neaaacce (Nice) Remember the Louis Vuitton one? Bit much isn't it, this one is less statement-ish, I would see someone wearing this to be v confident, and has his own style - could this be you? I def love it! $1,359.99 (it's been reduced) £695.


Prada again, had to post this one, its PURPLE! Colour is lush, and very luxurious, not many details going on but it's uber chic and perfect for those Divas that like to make a statement, you can lean with it at $900, (retailed at £1,225) £460.


I just love the simple details on this bag, very sleek and the flap is unusual, perfect for weekends. Ultimate weekend get away bag. $1,436.00, £734

All lust can be gratified at Bluefly.com If you buy from the site, you can save up to 40%! Go get em!

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