The "Men Pen" - Concealer stick for men?

So, i happen to stumble across this, apparently there's a thing called the "Men Pen" - haha, you have to laugh at the marketing, i'm not surprise cos i think alot of guys would have a complex about using something called, concealer stick! So, "Men Pen" (in a really low masculine voice) is the way to go?(giggling, sigh) Click on the picture to go to the site:

But jokes aside, how many of you, woke up one day and look in the mirror and think, nahhh..wtf is this on my face? i don't need this today, or just not looking the one - and you need a lil something just to make it less noticable - at least to yourself, cos that little thing will ruin your confidence for the day. Or maybe you got some dark circles, erm, razor bumps, spots, blemish you name it - wouldn't be nice if there was a little eraser to wipe it out, well i think MenPen works in a similiar way, it "conceals" and might be the thing to just let you get on with your day without thinking everyone is looking at whatever thats on your face that is bugging you.

p-s: Apparently all the male actors and models use these for shoots and everything..ooooooh, that justifys EVERYTHING now, haha, its like when a kid asks his mum for something, and she says no, then the kid goes, BUT EVERYONE ELSE HAS ONE, I HATE YOU!!! (slams door)

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