Skincare - Don't shoulda, woulda, coulda...until it's too late.

So if your blessed with clear even skin, I hate you - haha, no but i do, only cos you don't have to try twice as hard like me. (Bitch) So anyway yeah, i know most you guys are like totally saying, pshh i'm young man i got good skin, i don't need no "moisturiser" or whatever else guys do these days, only girls do all that stuff. Erm, wrong - you carry on though, watch when you turn 25-30 and lines show up on your face like a distressed leather bag - cos it ain't cute. You have to act now! and even that's not soon enough, studies show that damage don't show up till 10years later - you do the math. Now everyone loves a bit of sun, (I say abit cos that's all we allowed in london) but there are things you can do that will allow you to enjoy the sun and not worry about looking like leather face. You'll thank me, here's what i recommend. Now i won't recommend stuff i haven't tried, but i do however recommend products that friends have tried and raved about;

like this Dermologica Ultra Calming cleanser, around £10, (also GQ recommended)for all those sensitive skin fellas out there, including me who hates that stinging feeling when the product is a little too harsh - results are red blotchy areas that annoy the hell out of me.

But if you don't wanna pay that much for it, then i recommend Body Shop Aloe Vera Cleanser £6 - This is something I've tried and works for me.

To moisturise, everyone has something that works for them, what works for me might not necessary work for you, but i suggest you test the waters. I still stand by Clinique's Dramatically Different Lotion, but i don't think it has SPF, Most good moisturisers have sunscreen or SPF - Choose something with SPF, S/S and i know how excited one gets when the sun comes out, so look after number 1 and number 1 will keep you looking younger.

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