Ultimate Modern Man - Style Sickage!

So I've (erggghhh, i keep saying "so"), I've stumbled upon this blog by accident and been holding out on you guys for the right time - all i know is that this guy is from Amsterdam? I could be wrong, but he has the siiiiccckest style, I'm quite excited to be doing this little feature,

He is quite the mystery man, cos you don't see his face but you don't have to; and he goes by the name of TKL, personally it's a good thing (not on his behalf) but looking at the pics with the head cut off lets me picture myself in those outfits better, and he's all about the clothes.

Very interesting blog, he takes a picture of himself in different outfits, categorized in "work" or "play" - Self explanatory. Here's a little intro from him:

"TKL is inside the garments. The “WORK” or “PLAY” headings indicate the intended environment in which the outfits are worn. “WORK” usually means that I have just gone up and quickly picked something to put on (my work rarely demands any particular way of dressing). “PLAY” indicate that I am going out or meeting friends etc. A little more effort is put-in when choosing attire for these latter occasions.

I try to never wear the same outfit twice, I enjoy varying styles and some experimenting will be seen. Sometimes it comes out OK other times the outfits may be less sharp but I hope most are at least interesting or provoking…

If you think TKL should put other garments on instead, or if you actually like the ones chosen, please tell!"

I think he is the Ultimate Modern Man with Style because what he does is beyond any stupid label, whether it is "metrosexual", "trendy gay guy" wwwhich ever - it don't matter. If you hating, then you wanna be him, if you rate him then you are "him". His wardrobe consists of Fendi, Dior, Margiela, Belstaff and endless other stylish brands - sounds like it belongs to a Magazine editor or someone that is stupendously rich, haha - none the less, it's aspirational for those on a budget, don't freat! you can re-create the looks with the budget you have, it can be done if you know where to shop! But if you got it like that then hey....if you can, you should.

I love how he puts together these outfits, it isn't too much and doesn't really have any immature overbearing logos, or brand driven - it's understated and sophisticated with a masculine subtlety. Here's someone that enjoys experimenting and isn't afraid of colour and just has pure fun; knows how to accessorize and still look kool as hell. You can see few items being worn again but rocked differently. If you de-construct the outfits into their individual pieces, they are probably average looking, but its the thought and consideration by layering, co-ordinating, mix-matching that you get a look that's entirely his own. This is style, it exudes personality, sex appeal and charisma without having to anything. This is what the modern man is about - confidant and chameleon like, that has the ability to switch it up to whatever the mood takes you - he is the future.

Part of the execution is knowing how to dress for your physique, knowing what works for you is KEY to making it extra gangsta. Now i know not everyone has his broad shoulders, long legs and next to nothing waist, and i won't pretend i do but we can learn a thing or two. From what i know, clothes that fit always always looks good - just don't lie to yourself about the size you got. Cos it ain't cute. Here's a selection of looks that I love, his blogs are categorized in months, and I've taken looks from all different months throughout the year:

You can see how varied his looks are, a true chameleon - can dress for any occasion! I will definitely be stealing some ideas to rock next A/W. It'll be good to hear what you guys have to say about this, so comment! I will be doing more stuff like this. I like seeing what "normal" people where on a daily basis, i think i can relate more. So watch this space!

- TKL's Blog - We salute you!


  1. Thank you for the props! Keep up the good work I am sure I´ll find some inspiration on here myself!


  2. Hi there,

    I totally agree with you. I haven't seen anyone dress as good as TKL.

    He might be the future, that I don't know.

    But this I know: TKL, is the best dresser and he is not from Amsterdam!

    Best regards

    /jovlu( A true fan of TKL:s blog )

  3. This is another one of TKL's hags.. Welcome to the family. Kumbaya my friend.

  4. I've been watching this blog for about 2 months and all I can say is:

    This guy KNOWS HIS SHIT. Always on point, always inspiring me to try things I didn't think I could "pull off." I'm a shorter guy, not amazingly fit but some of the things he does work for me too.

    The boots give a longer leg look assuming your pants are tailored, the layered tops work with a body style that isn't brad pitt (know what I mean), its just smart stuff this guy is doing.

    Thanks tkl.