Summer suits - Vivienne Westwood Special

So you've probably been seeing the summer lightweight suits everywhere - It's in! And i know whenever you here suits, your thinking that restrictive outfit that's too formal too serious too blah - but it is a new era, their lighter and made with different types of soft materials, the colour palette is pale and cool, making it ideal for SS. I love tailoring, i just think menswear has evolved so much and the only person i think of when it comes to tailoring is the almighty "Vivienne Westwood" God i love her - she does it like nobody else, and that's a fact, her fits, her twists her magic! See for yourself, below is her SS collection, you can do it yourself high street style also!

You can adopt this to your SS wardrobe, dress it up with smart shoes and a shirt or dress it down with t-shirt and casual shoes - it's easy, affordable and "adds" to your current wardrobe, it's functional - take it smart to work and take it casual from work, whilst being sublimely sophisticated, elegant and kool; both meanings of the word.


You know you love it, let me know what you guys think?! Feedback.


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  3. I love the slouchy looks of this collection as well as the colors! Great blog too.