WWIT Wishlist!

I love love love these hoodies, the rich and intricute prints are soooo dope. - Cos you know floral prints are big this season, and we can also rock it, in our way. Hoodies by Leroy Jenkins have been around for a while, featured on I-D magazine amongst others, and can be seen in countless hip hop videos. The thing is, it's such a video garment, cos it's loud, and it makes a statement and i definitely want one. I bet no guy could be caught wearing this 5 years ago, says alot about where menswear is heading? I'll let that simmer with you for a while...

I got my eye on those shorts! Very vintage...lol..i love it..you know you love it too...

Check him out! myspace/leroyjenkinslmtd, http://www.leroyjenkinslimited.com/

- Images borrowed from Highsnobiety.blogspot.com

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