Christmas Wishlist

I know it's only august, but i like to plan that far ahead! This year, for me it's the birth of the "statement" jacket, that does the talking; whilst everything shuts up! Look out for the "old british battle of bordertown" military style jackets, suede, and cow-boyesque styles with buckles. That's why I love winter...colder weather = more clothes = more layers = more expression.

I have my beedy green eyes on the Gucci, brown leather jacket, it's quirky and i just love the details and all things studded, it looks amazing on the ad campaign, i feel a men's version of boho/country trend on the horizon! One to watch!

You'll need one statement jacket for winter this month! Something that will keep you warm and still packs a punch, so don't worry about wearing anything jazzy underneath, if your anything like me in the cold, you'll want to keep it on. Just remember to pimp it out with gloves and a overwhelming "being attacked by a python" scarf.


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