Make-up for guys!


1. Guyliner £4.50 Taxi Man - Superdrug To add definition and draws attention, whilst achieving that Jack Sparrow, emo (i'm in a band) look 2. Silk-enriched shine reduction powder $39 4VOO A translucent powder to matt & kill shine for all skin tones, natural finish too 3. Manscara £4.50 Taxi Man - Superdrug Clear gel to tame those unruly brows & define those eyelashes = more definition & polished 4. Confidence Corrector $34 4VOO Hides unwanted blemishes and covers dark circles under the eyes, available in four shades 5. Make up range for men "Monsieur" Jean Paul Gautier


Man-Slap (Slap= British slang term for make-up)

For an industry that boasts £700m, it definitely isn't something that just happens overnight. The modern man at least has a facial wash and a good moisturiser. But it doesn't have to stop there, and that's what i think contributes to the growing industry! Men's grooming regime are much more intense now, and younger guys are getting more adventurous and it's because there's so much available to us now, the key is right marketing and packaging.

Jean Paul Gaultier is spear-heading us into the new era, with it's first men's make-up range appropriately titled, "Monsiuer". That gives men the tool to "enchance" what they've already got! The line includes facial cleanser, toner, shaving products, concealer, eyeliner, brow grooming gel, and bronzer. But it's since come along way from the designer brands, these "adventurous" products are filtering down to local stores, making it very accessible to the younger generation. UK's Superdrug is launching it's first men's make-up range this September, "Taxi Man" cleverly packages the eyeliner and mascara into "Guyliner" and "Manscara" to let men feel like they own it more. Priced at around £5-7, it's not bad either.

"So far, the main focus of the make-up industry has been correction: to make men look better but natural. But there are signs that an attempt at decoration is now emerging, and the key for cosmetics brands is to find a way through the conundrum of creating 'non-girly' make-up for real men." - Carl Wilkinson - The Guardian/ Observer

But why stop there, there's now a plethera of products designed to target all the problems a man has, but renamed and packaged into a non-intimidating, "i'm a man who wear's make-up" proof way. This includes, shine reduction powder, confidence corrector, contour powder, eye shader, sunburn/ blush powder - all of which are tempting me with the potential of looking better than i am now. It's worth a shot? right?

Either way, it's not a new thing if you do, just go easy on the panda eyes. haha.

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  1. Do not ever get it twisted. No man should ever be caught without some Manscara. It's the best thing since beans on toast.

  2. I woldnt be caught dead in manscara. I think its really effeminate looking and Im not trying to look like a pretty girl

  3. Light natural looking mascara is cute. Try revlon, it makes my lashes look great and long without showing I have mascara on(To make it extra natural try the brown shade). Another thing I always tell people to try is Bobby brown shimmer bricks I have a whole post about it. it really gives a natural glow on your cheeks.It is something i can no live without! I have never tried putting makeup on for a guy, but I don't see why it wouldn't look as famous :) If you want more small tips like this from a girl who knows ALOT about makeup my emails on my blog <3