ISSUE 8 - The Black Issue! OUT NOW

"As we creep further and deeper into winter, recession and longer nights have cast a long shadow on many designer collections. our obsession with dark glamour has translated through to not only what we wear, but what we watch, HBo’s hit series true Blood and the even more popular twilight saga serve as aphrodisiac that has seduced us into the darkness. We no longer fear the night, and instead have embraced the unknown and revel in it’s mysterious, brooding nature - making it irrestitably sexy.
The highstreet is feeling the gothic/grunge revival, brands like Allsaints are even more relevant now than ever as they lead the way with their rugged leathers and rustic accessories. Fall’09 collections have plunged into darkness and the rest of the highstreet have follow suit; emerging with distressed leathers, spikes, studs, slashed knitwear and luxurious coats - it’s apparent that black takes on many forms.
in this issue we celebrate fashion’s oldest friend; the colour black, and we’re in good company - Gareth Pugh, Rick Owens, Ann Deleumeester have all displayed spine-tingling collections that have inspired a new generation of goth-rock ninjas. Black on black, with more black is the rule, so mix up fabrics and textures to create a look that’s dead, dead stylish..."

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  1. issue 8 is insane. AMAZING! I need more!

  2. ^ agreed amazing issue, great cover =)

  3. I concur, I do like the cover aswell.

  4. Digging the magazine. Thanks for the love in the issue.