Something to TIE it all together...

As Christmas draws ever closer it brings with it the festive party season, which means more event invitations popping up in your Facebook sidebar, parties, gatherings and shindigs to attend and dress codes to consider but perhaps something pressing slightly harder on the minds of fashion-conscious, party-hopping dudes is how to endure the festivities looking fresh and unique at every event. Christmas is usually a time when the majority of guys opt for the traditional: tuxedos, suits, shirts and ties while others overdose on festive spirit and impulse buy garish garments adorned with glittering festive images...makes for the perfect facebook group shot!

bow ties
2. STRIPED £10
3. BURGUNDY VELVET, £10, All Topman
5. YELLOW CHECKED "Junk De Luxe" £15
6. RED "French Connection" FLOWER PRINT, £25
7. NAVY POLKA DOT "Junk De Luxe" £15
8. "Reiss" MICRO DOT £30
9. "Drakes Of London" PRINTED £60
10. GREY CORD £7, All available at ASOS

But if your looking for an alternative that's a little fashionable and daring, this is the best time do so, one way to stand out against the shirt-and-tie sea of monotony currently of year is to invest in the "Bow-Tie". A bow tie can summon up a wealth of images and characters: suave heroes from a bygone era, vintage celluloid stars and old school gents. They've slowly but surely been filtering their way back into fashion consciousness and now forward thinking guys are wearing bow ties to boost their style kudos. Instead of rifling through fashion editorials to look for inspiration, the young and trendy are casting a nostalgic glance back to a time when a bow tie was a staple of every mans' wardrobe and they are incorporating this look into 21st century. Investing in a bow tie is a great way to achieve the preppy, smart look in your own individual way.

Bow ties need not be boring or predictable as they come in as many different colours, fabrics and materials as you can imagine so you can find one to compliment your outfit and your personality. From tartan, to vintage Paisley print or luxurious silk a bow tie can finish off your outfit or it can be just the beginning and you can construct the rest of your look around it. Bow ties are now stocked at places like Topman and ASOS.com for you high street impulses but perhaps the best place to get yours is from your local charity shop, a vintage shop or Brick Lane market on a Sunday morning where you can browse all different styles and pay for them out of the change in your pocket. Furthermore, you can always raid your grand-dads wardrobe to uncover some genuine vintage treasures. Give the bow tie a new lease of life by teaming it with brogues and a blazer to look like you've just sauntered straight out of a 50's Hollywood film. Conversely, pair a playful bright one with a checked shirt, for a contrasting effect, then jeans and a pair of high-tops for a modern spin on this old-fashioned attire. It is a party after all?

Incase you need to know how to tie one...



  1. haha I love the 'how to' video! My boyfriend has lazy fingers so i'll suggest he watches this!