It's finally here! WWIT 9 - The Personal Style Issue

So here we have it! Issue 9 - I apologise for ridiculously delayed launch date, I know it's way overdue so I won't bore you with the details of why and blah blah blah.

We've switched up the layout of magazine with the new addition to the WWIT family; Peter Lowe whose creative flair and eye has transformed the look of the magazine into something a little more cleaner and formatted - Kudos to Pete!

Remember to Sign up to recieve the issue's in advance, with the exception of this time, it shouldn't be delayed any further...And on that note! Hope you enjoy and let me know your feedback, get in touch: wwit@live.co.uk

- Dennis Lye

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  1. loving this issue...
    Missing the site content. and individual blogs though... ever considered a co-writer?


  2. fantastic male style coverage. get in touch if you ever wish to collaborate. charleston