Now that the weather in London is finally edging its way into season and into our wardrobes, grey is the perfect colour to lift your wardrobe and break away from dark hues to a fresher spring tone. This cooler shade will carry your style with ease from the hot mornings to humid nights.

Often overlooked and associated with everything boring and mundane, grey somehow redeems itself in summer as the perfect way to inject a fresher, cooler attitude into your wardrobe for the bright summer. For those who like to avoid the loud colours and fussy prints, grey tones amidst the springtime sunshine gives a gentle nod to the great british summer whilst still looking clean and stylish. Another reason why it's a great choice at this time of year is the fact that you can exude a quiet sophistication without looking, well... uptight. Grey is the relaxed alternative while the all black ensembles take a back seat.

Grey shades have also appeared on many S/S 2010 runway; Prada’s S/S 2010 collection demonstrated grey suits need not look stale and tired, but rather placid and commanding. Emporio Armani gave us a masterclass in relaxed sophistication and the art of tailored shorts in their S/S 2010 collection, proving that grey is also a colour that you can make style statement with: the archetypal man about town look thrust into 2010. Perhaps the greatest influx of the colour was seen on the YSL & Calvin Klein runway: the models marched down the runway in an array of grey tones that radiated authority and confidence. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the YSL collection was the trousers: high waisted, billowing, wide leg cuts were brought to life by the shades of grey that swam in and out of the light giving the clothes a sense of vitality not usually seen in the colour. Whilst Calvin Klein's minimal and futuristic approach resembled model androids from the distant future, it's clean, polished and sharp. Working grey tones into your summer wardrobe will make you look like an oasis of cool calm amongst the summer heat.

Words by Liam Johnson, Edited by Dennis Lye


  1. Well, the dark grey Zara's blazer is quite amazing and is becoming popular it seems. I've been eyeing it for a month now, got to get it soon, never mind I'm a girl and work for Debenhams!

  2. Grey and more grey! The other black. A color everyone can look good in too. Loving the selection of pieces. Especially digging the details on the Zara bag and the JAS M.B.
    snappy x

  3. There's something so refreshingly aquatic almost with this recent grey trend. I love how harem style trousers from YSL ripple and mould to the eye like a melted pool of silver. There's something suprisingly 'light' and mesh like to the colour grey this season which makes it an offbeat but perfect tone for the Summer!

  4. I love your blog... great design and wonderfull ideas. Very compliments