Islington is not quite top of the list when selecting a London borough to spend you evening in, unless you live there of course, but since Playtime opened it's aesthetically pleasing doors, creative types have been flocking there to let their hair down and shake themselves loose.

Situated on the edge of Islington Green this unique bar has formed a hybrid of a performance space, art installation and bar - using all three purposes to their most exquisite extent. The interior is altered every four months to match the exhibiting artists installation, transforming the bar into a fully submersive gallery, but with AMAZING music.

There is a 'no dance music' rule which all guest dj's must abide to, which means you will be jostling around to anything from film soundtracks, 60's psych or reggae, and in fact, dancing more than dance music allows you to. 

If you haven't already decided that Playtime is your Saturday night destination for this weekend, then we should let you now that their cocktails are quite literally, the best we have sampled in.... well. Maybe ever? See for yourself, start here

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