To begin this particular blog post I will share with you the following insightful and uplifting words: life is full of disappointing relationships

Relationships end, friends drift apart, family members move and dogs run away. Such are the facts of life.

Inspiring words, weren’t they?

Now that you’re just about ready to fling yourself off the roof, I’m going to bring you back from that dark abyss of depression that I had you glimpse there, because there is one relationship that does last: the bond between you and your favorite denim.

Yes, I realize how superficial that just sounded. Equating human connections with a pair of pants? Am I just that that materialistic?

No I am not, I say.

Like a family heirloom, your most beloved pair of jeans has a history. They were with you on your first date with your future spouse, at your first college party (where you disrespected your favorite denim by nearly throwing up on them, but it’s okay, they forgave you), on your road trip with your friends and at your most memorable concert. Your favorite jeans travel, and no, not in the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” kind of way. Your clothes become your companions through life. When people come and go they remain either firmly adorning your body or sitting in your closet, waiting for you to choose them again.

 Rock Revival George 09 Straight Leg Denim (left) and Rock Revival Curtis Straight Leg Denim (right)

If jeans are capable of being lifelong friends, don’t settle for anything but the best. You wouldn’t choose a best friend who routinely makes you feel uncomfortable in social situations, so why would the same be acceptable for your jeans?

Premium denim lines like Rock Revival and William Rast know what it means to feel a connection to your denim. High-quality fabrics, intriguing detailing and exceptional fits ensure that, just as you won’t get bored of your trusted jeans, they won’t ever fail you when it comes to style or fit. Furthermore, with trusty resources like Denim Therapy, a website which repairs denim after you’ve absolutely worn them to death, your jeans are your friends you’ll never have to part with.

William Rast Ben 457 Straight Leg Denim (left) and William Rast Jake 008 Straight Leg Denim (right)

Tempted by the appeal of discount prices, many people forget the reason why brands like William Rast and Rock Revival are on the higher end of price points for denim: because these are jeans that will serve you well for years. Don’t cut corners when it comes to your jeans. Your denim is worth it too. 

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  1. So true. Go the extra mile, spend the extra, you'll never regret buying a perfect fitting jean. It can make or break your look.
    snappy x

  2. I'm such a denim wh@re...I should invest in a good pair!


  3. I'm sorry spending $200- $300 on jeans is just out of the question in times like these. I seem to be a Levi's guy and as much as I like fashion jeans with that fancy detailing on them is always a bit much for me.