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UNVOGUE.COM - Jan. 15: UNVOGUE Online Fashion Magazine is Unveiled

When a brand new style of fashion magazine takes the spotlight on Jan. 15, neither print/online magazines nor the fashion industry will ever be the same. UNVOGUE magazine officially launches at http://www.UNVOGUE.com.

NEW YORK, New York / PR FREE / Jan 09 2008 -- The face of print/online magazines and the fashion industry will never be the same when a brand new style of fashion magazine hits the streets on Jan. 15.: UNVOGUE magazine (http://www.UNVOGUE.com).

UNVOGUE magazine is an online fashion publication with a sense of humor and style while fulfilling its readers' appetite for what’s hot and exciting in fashion, cultural issues, music and entertainment. Unlike other fashion magazines, whether online or paperback, UNVOGUE magazine is not that of a dictatorship. UNVOGUE magazine offers and encourages reader interaction, article feedback and future content suggestions. Readers' advice and leads will be followed when researching upcoming full-length stories, feature columns and pictorials.

The UNVOGUE reader is the ultimate fashionista distributed evenly between males and females. Market research reflects that readers span various races, sizes and economic backgrounds. From readers who truly understand and live a lifestyle of mixing luxury brands with mass marketed brands on a daily basis, consumers' wardrobe budgets range anywhere from $200 to $2000 while presenting a total “look” that may appear to be in the range of $5,000 to $10,000.

Fashion directors, editors and stylists at UNVOGUE encourage readers to use what they may already have in their closets, while purchasing a few new luxury items and/or mass produced garments to create an “in” fashion style. Without dictating - only suggesting, readers are guided in what they should buy to stay current with fashion trends.

The secret behind UNVOGUE magazine is stylist Tyson P. After just six years of working as a fashion stylist for celebrity clients, fashion magazines and runway shows, Tyson Perez has decided to further his career by anointing himself as founder and editor-in-chief of UNVOGUE magazine.

UNVOGUE will be a living, breathing bi-monthly online publication which can be flipped through on its website at http://www.UNVOGUE.com at viewers' leisure, from the comfort of their home, office or school without the worry of carrying it to the recycle bin or unwanted coffee table pile-up. UNVOGUE magazine will launch on Friday, January 15, 2008.

I love what the magazine stands for, and it's about time - Please check them out.


They are doing a wicked feature on Menswear (Finally, we get a whole 4 page editorial on it) and a kick ass feature on men's bags! I told ya'll.

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