Skincare - Looking abit haggered and dull? Dry patches here and there?

Sounds like you? Join the club - We must look after the skin fellas, and it's an investment - There's that word again, investment! You'll thank me in the future. Moisturise!

The one i've used that's great for me so far, and trust me when I've tried everything under the sun - see i have sensitive skin (rolls eyes) and it's very particular. This is the only one that's enough to keep everythign under control, and it keeps away bags and the odd wrinkle while its at it, never hurt anyone!

So go for this one, and don't be afraid to ask at the counter for this. There ain't no shame. You'll thank me when everyone is breaking out and looking dull, and you'll look fresh and rested. Oh, drink ALOT of water - nothing new there.

Say it with me...h2o, h2o, h2o...

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