Looking a little pale? - Fear not! Help is at hand!

If you have been battered by winter and harsh weather, then your gonna end up looking a tad like Micheal Jackson, god bless his soul - but back to the subject in hand. No one wants to look pasty, at least i don't unless your going for the porclein look that only Nicole Kidman can pull off, then No, you better read on.

The best i've come across so far, YES fellas, i use it and boi, no one can tell - Please trust me on this. It's GQ recommended, see for yourself, click here.

Biotherm Homme Power Bronze Gel

We may be going into winter but that’s no excuse to go plate-white. Thanks to Biotherm Homme, you can now have a healthy look year-round by swapping your regular moisturiser with Power Bronze Gel. So long as you follow the ‘less is more’ principal, the easy-to-apply gel will provide you with a natural-looking light tan while keeping skin well moisturised during the colder climate. And unlike a lot of self tans, the gel has a tinted formula that lets you see exactly where you’re applying it.

£20, Available in two shades
0800 0371020

Find this in the bigger Boots stores, and get dem points.

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