D&G "inspired" suits, for £15 - NAHH? Oyin gives us the 411...

So this week, (today, cos this blog started like 3 days ago) Oyin is giving us the scoop on £15 suits, yes, the whole suit! from Asda's (is that how they are going on) with their D&G and milan fashion week inspired get up. This is CRAZY - You best hurry cos er, this aint breaking news So get ta stepping!

D says: All guys should own a suit in the closet, it is ESSENTIAL - at some point someone's gonna get married, called for an interview, funeral (god bless the soul), a show, WHATEVER and you'll always rely on that suit...and its classic, never goes out of fashion so if you don't have one, get one.

Read all here.

- Thanks to Oyin

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