Milan Fashion Week - Fall 08, Ya Dig?

So Oyin also gave us the heads up on what's happening this fall, and it's the editor's quick edit of milan fashion week- there's shit loads of really kool stuff, but i just quickly pulled out some of my favs and maybe's on this one. (Put your lighters up for Prada who are doing their thing at the moment! taking away features to shirts for a new direction, androgynous silhouettes and somewhat feminine too) So...

Me likey, the jacket. Byblos

Eventhough it's fall, the accessories are taking on bright colours still

Rah....love the suit but tooo much, where would you wear this?honestly though? But come on? that is RED..haha

Blaze the badman PRADA, who are doing the damn thing, (love the no buttons thing) and the colour is serious..deep purples with shine, and midnight blues. Everything about it is fly..colour is on point..marvellous!

Thanks to Oyin once again.

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