Highstreet showdown - Full length "badboy" jackets!

So on the "overpacked" train, and being pressed up against the glass...wait wait, back up back up, before i go further yeah, let me tell you what happened on the train on the way home - guys, let me ask you, what is the worst thing you can bring on to a busy PACKKED choca-block train?hmmm? Well let me tell you, i managed to get on the train at bondst central line, and i had considerable space - then the train stopped at oxford circus, the train doors open, in comes a indian man (nothing to do with race, just letting ya'll know) with a big up "empty" box, i was thinking nahhhh he is not serious, and "he" and his BIG UP box took up ALL the space, knocking everyone in the ass, (it was one those pc boxes, so i was big and tall) People were giving EVILLSSS, everyone is hot, and tired, there isn't any air, and this man gotta bring a EMPTY box to take up the space with...well SPACE, when other people can get one, the women next to him got her foot stuck at the bottom of the box, cos it was packed, i swear down she was gonna cut a bitch...but let me stop right there..lol..

Anywho....i figured most guys should own a full/long jacket, it just looks so stylish. Goes with a suit, goes with jeans, why not! it's an essential, so i scoured around for the best ones - My fav is prob River Island, unique detail on the chest area, nice structure and cheapest around!


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