Randomness - Semi naked protesters? what is the cause?

So today at lunchtime, me and my colleague went to get Subway, with a voucher buy one get one free thank you very much, so anyways on the way back we see some guy on the other side of the road getting over excited, thinking he's from the looney bin, we carried on walking -

Then we here some noise, sounds like something exciting happening, then i see some protest signs waving in the air, and before i could read it i'm seeing all these half naked boys and girls standing in the cold with their jackets on.

and get this, their protesting "MTV MAKES BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE LOOK STUPID, SUPPORT AND DON'T WATCH" - erm...i don't get it? Personally, i think their advertising cos the ratings are low, but come on?

MTV makes beautiful people look stupid? damn right they are, who is the one standing in the cold, (and it was cold) holding a stupid sign? Mugs....I hope they getting paid for it - cos it ain't cute. haha

that's one way of getting attention, drop trou! anyways, i snapped some pics for just for you guys!


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  1. Hahahaha.... soooo funny! They seriously have a long way to go, MTV is a very big company.