What you know about Zach Burns?

So peoples, I'm especially excited to be bring you this feature special! This guy stumbled upon my blog by accident and left a positive comment, (i don't know why you people don't comment either) and he also showed me mad love on his own blog! And i'm showing love back...fellas and gentlemen:

Zach Burns - Looking like he just stepped out of GQ magazine, bastard lol jk!


My boy is 20, though can look older - it's the good genes. The impression i get from him is that he is focused, driven and ambitious, and fellas we should take notice, cos we can all learn a thing or two, being 20 and aspiring for so many things is inspiring. Being a model these days ain't just about looking the part, Zach burns is the new kind, triple threat! YEP!Model, Photographer, Personal trainer, stylist etc..He don't play around! So i gotsta get the 411 on what's happening, so, What you know bout Zach Burns? Oh you don't, I'll tell you.

*This copy is a edited version from the full one, I wanted to read fast and quick! bang bang! you know how i do!


D: Who you is? Please introduce thyself...

Zach Burns: What's up "We're Worth It Too" Blog (D: Better recognise, haha jk), I'm Zach Burns, aspiring u.k male (<-D: Duh? lol) model signed to Evolution Management as of August 2007. Currently living in the east end of London (still).


At the moment I'm currently working part time in retail whilst studying to get my gym instructors certificate. (D: Holla!) My long term ambition is to become a fully qualified personal trainer with
ideas of starting my own PT firm. At this present moment in time however, fashion & modelling has all my interest and I'm dead set on making an impact in which ever way possible. I've always been told I should try modelling and now finally doing it and loving every minute of it so I'm looking to make sure 2008 is a strong and productive year for the Burns.

D: I hear that! So what i and the blog readers want to know is what it is that you do daily to make sure you stay on top of your game?

Zach Burns: I like to keep my hair cut short, it seems now that I cut it at least once a week to keep it how I like it, especially if I have a test shoot and it also makes me look more mature. I like to make sure everything looks sharp and tidy, not one to look a scruff (occasionally I do). (D: Everyone has tramp days, i had one today)

Since getting into modelling I have taken more pride in my appearance, especially if I'm going out and about. I like to look somewhat groomed and presentable at all times to the point where I've even ditched the hoody when going up to central London (personal preference, hoodies are not for me anymore). (D: So what, are they not good enough for you now, huh? (haha sorry, i'll shut up, i can't help myself, sighh) I try not to shave too often unless I have to, every 3-4 days or so, I try to plan shaving around dates for test shoots so that everything is as fresh as possible, I've sometimes shaved too close to a shoot when my facial hair hasn't grown back properly and just end up with shaving rash which isn't nice, especially in the photos.


I used to use King Of Shaves shaving oil but sometimes find that it doesn't apply to the face too well if the face is too wet so have since gone back to using men's shaving cream from Bodyshop, works perfect every time. I was quite spotty through teen years (D: Join the club) and still wash my face twice a day, I used to use Simple facial wash but have since switched to Clearasil Ultra deep pore face wash. That stuff is real good, unclogs all the pores and does actually do what it says on the tube. Only problem with Clearasil is that it proper dries out my skin so must! Moisturize after, Nivea for Men rehydrating moisturizer does the trick, not to greasy and very light. (D: Amen to that, it ain't sexy being called light bulb face for looking OVER shiny)


D: Moving on, next on the list is I & Blog readers wanna know how you stay ridiculously cut? I mean, what does it take? break it dowwwwnnn....cos we all could do with a few pointers. Cos er, lets face it we can see the results, there ain't no denying what hard-work and dedication can pay off! It's plain to see. So what is it?

Zach Burns: I'm 5'11 and now weigh a healthy 77kg, (D: All bout being healthy) I'm naturally slim and did have a hard time putting on muscle, if I don't go gym I shrink and I hate it. Having done track & field for 4 years and generally having a keen interest in sport and body building anyway, I know what to eat and how to maintain my weight.

My diet now is in the ratio of high protein, "moderate" carbohydrate and low fat. I used to have cereals for breakfast, sugary ones too which didn't do me much good, now I'm on either eggs, beans or cornmeal porridge, addicted to the cornmeal now, my skin has cleared up too so no to sugary cereals (D: Fellas do you hear that, he ain't lying!) unless in desperate need of a sugar fix. Lunch and dinners again consist of a lot of meat and vegetables, normally now with dinners I don't eat much carbs as it will just sit unless I burn it off. I always eat at least 3 meals a day to maintain my weight and never skip meals, skipping meals to my understanding is the one of the reasons why some people put on weight so if you're one of those people who skip breakfast and are putting on weight, start eating. (D: That's what up)


People think gym is the biggest factor to putting on muscle when really it's diet, if you don't eat right, you won't replenish your muscles properly with what they actually need to grow. I do use supplements too like protein shakes (Met Rx supreme whey) to help boost protein consumption through the day but do not rely on it to meet my daily needs, food is a better source. (D: Ahhh, i see, i ain't mad at cha) I try to go gym 3 times a week when I can; I must go at least a minimum of once to avoid chances of my body reversing back to my natural size.


D: So what designers are you feeling at the moment? Is there a favourite?

Zach Burns: I would say D&G and Armani because I love their stuff, it's stylish obviously and makes a statement on those wearing it. But I'm going to say that my current favourite designer brand is Perfectly Flawed (D: wait wait wait, hold up..lol, your blatently advertising for your homeboy! alrite alrite koo koo, i see how it is! hahaha jk Perfectly flawed are ridiculously fresh, so watch this space for a upcoming featurelle!) and not just because Karl is my mate (D: Pshhh lol). Perfectly Flawed is funky (tick) and original (tick), every t-shirt designed has its own unique "punch" and has a great ability to get peoples attention (D: Sure does), I've had many people ask me what I'm wearing when they've seen me wearing PF. I have loads of t-shirts but am quite fussy what to wear them with, do you wear them with jeans, tracksuit bottoms? PF goes with just about everything, I wear PF more then anything else now, that's why I like and support PF all the way. (D: I hope PF pay you for the wicked publicity lol, i'm playing!)


D: Moving swiftly on! So..what looks are you feeling right now? What are you rocking?

Zach Burns: My current favourite look varies, I got loads but currently loving the military look but also a look that compliments a persons physique, for me it's a sharp and on-point "fitted" look. Not too much a fan of skinny jeans, partly because my legs are too muscly and can't get skinny jeans past them. I got these u.s army "extreme cold weather" trousers that I practically live in, so warm! Also different military style jackets, trench coats etc. Dark coloured jeans go with just about anything but has to be either a slim, straight or twist cut, can't work with bootcut, too flarey.(D: Ergh, i hate them too!) Leather "biker" style jacket, grey or white t-shirt/ white shirt, skinny tie and dark blue jeans with plimsoles (D: Can i suggest that they can be purchased at Brick Lane for £2.50 a pop) or pointed shoes (D: Burtons - £50, Check previous previous posting!) is another style I like at the moment too. Style for the spring would probably be based on the current Dsquared SS/08 and D&G SS/07 – 08 look, loving the racer and desert monkey look. (D: Hahaha, desert monkey, just sounds funny that's all)


You are the living version of this blog - and we thank you for taking part!

D: And there we have it, straight from the horses mouth! Ain't calling no one a horse but if the shoe fits..haha! Now i need to hear your comments about this! Tell me what you think!

Check his blog - http://www.z-burns.blogspot.com/


  1. Hey Dennis,

    great work. Love your blog. Normally I am not really into that fashion thingy but you make it a fun read. Inspired me to dust off my own blog. Talk soon


  2. Hey Dennis, loving that blog. Good God Dennis he's nice to look at, sorry fellas had to say that.
    Laters, Antoinette.xx

  3. Big Up zachos!....

    and the guy who created the blog, you can see you put effort into your finds and writing....

    keep ascending

  4. Cheers Quincey, Very much appreciated! and i did put effort into it! i didn't want this blog to be random general rantings!

    Your comment confirms what i'm doing, i love it!


  5. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!