Erm Hello? - Blog readers, wha'ts going on?

So...Last nite after i logged off, and there was like 300 something views and today it went up to 400 something, I mean its great news, but can you guys at least leave me some love, comment or anything? sniff sniff* It takes like 1 minute!

And for those who do comment, leave your name..i dont know who you are?lol..thanks for those who did leave their name...

Yeah, as i said before, what do you guys wanna see? I'd love to know - so i can research!

i'm out...(to lunch) got my eye on the meatball ragu thing from Pret! I'm all over it!


So, someone suggest that i upgrade the blog, like change the colours around, pimp it up - and it's prob a good idea, i wanna put my stank ALL over it, so i adjusted a few things, change some colours around that i like, at least its all me.

And the old layout was too small, erghh, i was like why can't it stretch it out a bit more, so i think this layout is easier to read, the last one had such a narrow space for all the pics and text to go, have to resize most of the stuff - LONG! But here it is..let me let me upgrade ya!


  1. lol.. so whens perfectly flawed gonna be on this funky site then!!!
    love it by the way !

  2. Love it D, your doing your thing...
    Kepp it up xxx

  3. coming along nicely i see, gettin more creative with this shizzle!!!