High Tech - WHOA, throw back? But guess what! Brand Re-launch!

So who remember high-techs, haha If you had a pair, you probably got teased for it back in the day, because they were not the one, but like all things, they change - and someone decided to flip it around, now they have a store and shit, clothes, accessories the lot! Is ittttt...

But the news is that River Island are teaming up with Hi-Tech to launch Retro High tops! I know!! Ain't that some shit, It's been a long time and i'm excited to see what they gonna come up with! I'm loving the idea already, this year is all about collaborations! Did you guys hear about Stella McCartney and Adidas? odd? but very interesting.

I did manage to find a sneek preview at GQ Style Spy website.

River Island

I'm feeling it, and price ain't bad too.

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