That's the hotness right there! - D&G Trench Coat

They ain't playing around, trust me on this, people will pay attention if you walk up in there with this badboy jacket! It's a power jacket - Instant super powers (Cos thats how clothes make me feel sometimes) But if you don't have the confidence, it ain't gonna work. You gotta know your the shit, works better if your taller too (that's a no for me then)

Fellas fear not! Even spring is around the corner, you don't have to pack your winter coats away, they do summer mac's and trenhcoats, that's alittle lighter in weight, and the colour palette will be pale.

Uniqlo, Burton are doing really similar macs at the moment - For a fraction of the price! Get on it!

£80 (Though i actually think its cheaper! Don't qoute me)


  1. I'd love to buy it... Sadly you guys seem to only deliever to UK and Ireland. Jump on the capitalist band wagon already and add the U.S.