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There's alot of postings for January, i think i went a little overboard, but i love doing it - so don't forget to click on olderposts right at the bottom of the page, you don't wanna miss the previous features!

Peace out - Editor D (I just love using the word editor, sigh - I feel POWERFUL)


  1. love you blog, found it via the perfectlyflawed blog, added to my list of blog links. Keep it up


  2. you been busy for 3 days work haha, i'll keep an eye out on the blog, good day and thanks for the add.

  3. yeah no problem with regards to the feature, thanks for that.
    any questions or anything, contact me on zachari87@gmail.com

    probably gone bed, got work tomorrow, peace


  4. Hi Anty!

    Love your work!

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