Billionaire's Boys Club - The "I got to have one" brand!

So Pharell's Clothing line with Nigo is just what this era needs, fun, colour, cheeky monkiness and luxury! I admire any man that wants to create clothes that he loves, and not just satisfy sales or feed mass commercial interests, those brands definitely last longer. You can see his personality ALL over this stuff, and its genuine, it's funny and somewhat childish, but this is what appeals to the modern man - who doesn't take himself seriously and can be a kid when he doesn't have to be a man (Remember when everyone was wearing simpsons or cartoon socks, haha you know!)

But it ain't cheap (around $400 for a hoodie, you do the math in pounds), and not easy to find (You can find it right at the end of Canarby St, turn left, then right). You gotta know your shit to find it. I think this is the key to it's success, by making it exclusive and controlling the number of production definitely creates buzz and the "got to have it" factor - It's definitely a men's luxury item. If everyone was wearing it London it will make everyone on the street look like desserts, this will sure brighten up a depressing, grey and cold but typical day in london at winter. I been seing all over the place these days, all aspects of menswear is stepping up, it's a long way from FUBU. (Look at the women in the back of the picture! Erm, somebody call the exorcist, she looks CRAZY as hell)


And look at the sick interior in the BBC store - definitely makes a man feel like a kid in a candy store again. But as in your face it is, it might be here and gone tomorrow thing, cos i know i had one of those loud printed hoodies, wore it out like 3 times - unless your minted then it's alrite!

- All pictures kindly borrowed from Haute Concept & Billionaires Boys Club website (Google it)

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