So i spoke too soon - Men's Haute couture isn't that far fetch...

So i spoke too soon, no really - I just didn't look hard enough, cos i did manage to find something close if not exactly what i think men's couture would look like. Now to me, (my own opinion, you can disagree) couture is something you can't just buss on road, or rock when your going to work or McDonalds, whichever - It's the equivalent of a eccentric drag queen's version but in FIERCE (Dragqueen lingo!) menswear. And i did get quite excited, cos i was somewhat wrong about what i said, well moaning really haha but ya'll forgive me - here's what i found:

From left to right: Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, Alexander McQueen, Lanvin (I'm sorry but, he just looks creepy, someone feed him - Something!), Jean Paul Gautier and the rest is Prada (look out for the green jumpsuit!)

And now, Marc Jacobs - he deserves a seperate paragraph (A nod to Mr Zack Tate)

I just love the quirky details, its fresh and modern. Check out the jokerish asymmetrical designs.

And now, Mr Roberto Cavalli - He is all about the drama, i swear it's a italian thing, they def aren't modest, but we love it. Here's how to make an entrance lol.

Now the last time i ever seen someone wearing a bright ass RED suit was a pimp on TV, haha but RC makes it look good, his clothes are so, "all eyes on me" don't you think.

- Pictures kindly borrowed from Haute Concept <- LOVE THEM!.

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  1. I only just realised the ''nod to Zack Tate''

    love it