Haute Couture for Men? - Should there by such a thing?

So, I got look at some of the pics from Valentino (Bow down) couture show - and it's honestly amazing, it is, pure eye candy! Outrageous, beautiful and total drama - and how it's always been. I can't help but think why there isn't Haute couture for men? Then i thought yeah?! Why isn't there?

I know what your thinking, how couture can you get with menswear? I mean the most out-there thing we ever tried was the man-skirt, that thing David Beckham wore, i forgot what it's called, but he got alot of slack for it - kudos points for David though we had to balls to try something new, he is a pimp - yes he is. But that's just what I'm saying, coming back to the point of men's couture, if they had something so outrageous, so out there and dramatic, then the middle point will fall somewhere between 100% loud outrageous etc etc (you get the point) and BORING, BLAND, STALE and TIRED choices we guys have to choose from, i.e: like them carpenter jeans that guys wear and think its cool, (i threw up a little bit in my mouth) its called carpenter's jeans for a reason, unless your a carpenter that is, then no offence - but if you are, GET WITH THE PROGRAM.

I think we at least should give it a shot, I'd be most interested to see what will emerge from it - push the envelope a bit and who knows, something spectacular could come from it. Upcoming young designers could see something they think has potential, isolate it and develop that one idea into something that is new and avant garde - we should at least get the chance. The closest thing right now to men's haute couture is Savile Row.

Can i just also add that guys in the fashion world, to women are like the flower and the leaf! Flower being the women and the leaf being the guys, ain't that some shit, I mean lets face it, we accompany, we are there to make them look better - we are props. Well i don't wanna be no leaf, i wanna be the flower (no joke intended) and Can i also add, the leaf grows first before the stupid flower? Mmmm hmmm..ain't so special now huh (*Note to self, calm down)Ok, that was a bit bitter, haha but this is the truth!

See, he is brave (I mean, i wouldn't go that far, but he gets the picture - at least he is in trend with the florals.) *By no means am i justifying guys wearing skirts like that, BUT if it works, then it works - You are the shit and that's all you need to know.

So the last few days have been slow i know, but i'm working on the special feature on "Perfectly Flawed" for you guys - should be up monday! Ya'll come back now. I'm out...


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