Calling all blog readers! - Help!

I'm working on like a cologne/aftershave thing, and i would really love to know what everyone's wearing these days - and what they think of it! So comment and let me know what you spray on before you go out, and before you give yourself that look in the mirror saying, "Yeah, they want this - All of this"



  1. i use bvlgari's white tea unisex fragrance

  2. Diesel Masculine has been getting some good response for me and I always have my go to with Cool Water.

    I also found a nice, inexpensive, alternate to Aqua Di Gio, in Hollister's unisex fragrance.

  3. well i shouldn't reveal the secret of my mustique but Sean John is onto a winner with Unforgiveable... thats my smell right there..
    also use some givenchy xeryus rouge when im tryna get my grown man on.. but when i cant afford these purfume shop essentials, i double up on the sure deodorant..lol

  4. haha thats what i'm talking about, real guys have plan b's, i need more feedback like this..sure deodrant, boi, it does the job - no one likes the kicking b.o, it aint sexy, grown man or not..haha