Mango are Launching a collection of Menswear - HE


Much beloved of fashion-conscious females, High Street retailer Mango is launching its first menswear collection since 1996. HE by Mango features a total of 46 pieces, including t-shirts, waistcoats, trousers, jeans and swimwear, in an assortment of different textiles, from bog-standard cotton to hi-tech nylon. Checks, stripes and prints, along with details such as Mao necks and a unicorn logo, are all to be found in the collection, which complements its female counterpart. HE, meanwhile, stands for Homo Emerito, which (if GQ.COM remembers its Latin) translates as "Man who enjoys a reward because of its merits". Quite. Jamie Millar - GQ.com/Style Spy

D: This is good news, i'm excited to see what's happening with that - they're window displays are always on point, in terms of product and quslity.

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