The Cologne thing will have to be prosponed

Cos there isn't enough feedback (mm hmmm) that's you guys, i'm not gonna go ahead and write it up, its sufficient, so that will be under construction!

But, i am doing the high streets hottest haha, totally stole this story from like magazines, but it will be the hottest thing in high street at the mo: 5 from each high street store (this shit takes time lol, but ya'll deserve it, so watch this space and holla back)

p.s- i been seeing some nicccee shops lately that i haven't noticed before, and there don't have PR or websites, i might have to take some illegal pics and post them anyway, they can't complain cos i'm doing them a favour, so bitch pllleassseee...watch out for the illegal pics with my camera phone, taken on the sly feature, you'll love it.

D, im out.


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    these guys claim to give you free bottle of odorless pheromones for men. just seeing what you guys think.


  2. Pheremones work! I know dude. I wore this Phermax product at the grocery store the other day and left with 3 really hot girls numbers. And the clubs are awesome! Use it... Try it... phermax.com
    They give you a free bottle to try!

  3. ok buying it now! can't wait to receive it.