Vintage Retro Knitwear - Cos it's really really cold...but still gotta look fly though..

I promised you guys something different, cos i do try to cater to all different tastes, this week, well today i thought i might bring you guys something different, something old skool - like these cool ass 80's chunky cable knit cardigans, very grandad-ish, but they are coming back and "we" love it (told you Zach).

There is one store in Brick Lane called Rokit, they have a website too, so make sure to google it - anyways, they got all the flyest old skool stuff, bags, clothing, jeans, accessories the whole shabam for decent prices, i did find some wicked things but didn't have time to take pictures (i wasn't allowed but pssh, you know how i do) the thing is, i know if i have anything from that store, no one will be caught having the same thing - please believe, nothing more annoying then seeing someone rock the same thing (not as good obviously haha)

Anyways here they are. I did buy one of the below - nice pastel colours, uber cool and rebellious - the face that your wearing something that they wore back in the 80's and don't care is kool enough ^_^


paired with some nice jeans and plimsoles or converse or whatever you rock, will be hott. They all range from £15 to £35 (not bad right) - D


  1. er what about beyond retro just off brick lane (chesire st), they got the cool extreme cold weather type f-1b air force pants i love not to mention a full body suit!

  2. erm..yeah but, Rokit have £7 jumpsuits in different colours "bruv"..lol..don't worry though, i'm gonna hit bricklane up when its less cold with more pics and more illegal goings on's..

    p-s - the smell is vile, i always feel like a dead grandad is wrapped around my neck..