Get the look - D&G S/S 08 Look

I love this look, slick, sexy and clean - no one says you can't wear black in summer and look good. You can totally do this look, and the thing is you can add all your little personal touches to it, your fav t-shirt, some other badboy sandals or whatever you rock, jewellery blah blah, make sure its you. But this is how you can get it, for half the price, and those D&G sandals are serious still, but don't watch that, office do similiar ones for £10, hold up, £10 people.


Blazer - River Island £49.99, Totally a must have: It's shorter at the bottom and looks really interesting, i have one! it's linen, so you can pull up the sleeves and look mad kool..like me..hehe jk.
T-Shirt - Urban Outfitters, Penguin brand £28, ?UO do kick ass printed tshirts, alot to choose from.
Jeans - £40 Also from Urban Outfitters by Cheap Monday, Sandals - Office, from £34.99 to £10

You can also do it with the H&M shiny blazer, but thats if you managed to snag on when the whole Roberto Cavalli thing happened, i did!(proud smirk), cos that matches the D&G more, high shine is totally happening is well.

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