Neil Barett - Wearable Catwalk fashion

We all love what they do on the catwalk, but not everything you see can be worn on a daily basis, in an ideal world - yes, but it's hard to rock most of the things on a normal day, unless your totally stylistic or just don't care, in that case - hats off to you.

I love Neil Barett right now, cos it's kinda boring seeing traditional tux everywhere, i know its classic, but come on now, its just boring - I'm all for twisting it up! Neil Barett's layering, combination is just right and totally can be worn on the street and no one will look at you like your crazy (not that we care about the haters anyways..lol) But like you can totally adopt what Neil Barett is doing and add it what you already have, like this:

Love the subtle changes and details, but each individual piece makes up a distinctive look, the portions, length, silhouette, love it up. E.g. Tux with a leather jacket - It totally works on the pic though, the bow tie, waistcoat and puffer jacket over tux jacket, totally modern and chic. Effortless style, and did i say koool as ice, DEFINATELY on this look right hur for next year, orrrrr tomorrow, cos it will be cold (because london is shit)

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  1. Hey it's Julia from Unvogue...personally I like duckie brown's style a little bit better But I hear ya on the being wearable thing...pret a porter really is not pret a porter! Don't you find that the tuxedo jacket is a bit overdone ESP with sweatpants! Gah! Yuppies are really taking over. Anyway love the posts!!