Men's jewellery - Fossil shant be fossil's anymore! (Pun intended)

So I (there's the "so" again) was passing through and saw quite a few people in Fossil, and i wanted to know what all the excitement was about - so i stepped in and what i saw wasn't bad, wasn't bad at all - OK, so they do some pretty boring stuff, I'm so over the whole rustic, tribal business that isn't hitting it, it just isn't, and I'm against any tribal jewellery - Yuck. But they do have some pretty sweet ass jewellery, now my rule for jewellery is it has to be interesting, with alot of intricate detail and elegant OR it can just be simply simple - no fuss, no doda. Here's what i saw, it'll be so much better if it didn't have that stupid Fossil logo on the metal, errgh.

- Can be found and purchased at http://www.fossil.co.uk

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