News - Menswear are responsible for 40% of total sales!

So i came across this article, and i thought i would let you guys know:

"Dolce & Gabbana are set to open their first New York men’s store today, according to reports in DNR.

The store which is located at 825-827 Madison Avenue is next to it’s re-designed women’s flagship.

This comes at a time when the Italian design duo are trying to increase their presence on the menswear scene. What was once a fashion house associated mainly with women, Dolce & Gabbana has come to rely on it’s menswear for growth.

DNR reports that, “the company’s men’s business—with average gains of 14 percent a year since 2005—is growing faster than its women’s. Men’s now represents about 40 percent of total sales.”

The designers attribute some of this success to the return of the dandy. “Men’s wear has changed completely,” Stefano Gabbana told DNR. “It’s changed in every possible way. Men love fashion. They love themselves and they aren’t afraid to show off.” - Haute Concept.com

Can i just say - about f**king time! AMEN.

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