Fashion Forward! Push it to kill it..

I think everyone should have a few "fashion forward" pieces up in the wardrobe, and i know some guys are bit hesitant at times when they see something they like, or really quirky the doubt sets in; Cos i guess you have to think about if you can pull it off, or you'll end up looking stupid. But i say fuck it, it's instinct, it caught your attention in the first place, and all that doubt, it's just filtering, i think it's been conditioned by society (omg so cheesy but hear me out), conditioned by society to thinking it's too much, its this that the other..pshhh all i know is i'll be turning heads when i walk down the streets, but it ain't just about that - it's the confidence to just go with it, and that what clothes should do for you. If you feel good, you'll look good. Trust me!

And so, i've seen some pretty in your face stuff and here's what i found. These pieces can update a boring look and just one is need. It's 2008 and it's time to push it a little, a little more colour, quirky details all of these qualities set you apart from everyone else. I just think the biggest insult is being called average! that's just me personally, but it is not a game - know this. haha. Ok, ok it's a little pricey, but i believe in treating yourself, and we like functionality. these pieces individually will add to your current wardrobe, providing you have all the essential and basics.


Jackets - Oh lord, r u kidding me with this jacket? This is sick...and this is the only wow piece you need to spice things up, i can see it now, some nice jeans, clean shoes and some stunnas, BAM. There will be repercussions! The yellow jacket, damn that colour - if your brave, (like me hehe) it's the perfect statement jacket, that will get you known and seen!


Tops - So if your like skinny and tall, this great for you. No one ever questions the tall and skinny guys about what they wear, they can almost get away with death, but can you see what i mean, that alone will make you stand out, it's interesting and creative, says alot about someone's personality.


Details - I love quirky details, the kill is in the details. I like anything that's weird and different, but tastefully done, cos it can get ugly. Now already that's a very contemporary look, it's funky and menswear is taking into that direction, so get with the program. Push it a little but not too much.

Cardigans - Everyone seems to be going cardigan crazy, but it's simple and quick. If it's executed right, you can dress up or down and it will be classy and chic, don't be shy! The deep blue colour is gorgeous and the button detailing on the sleeves adds a nicce touch. The side pocket and buttons running all the way down is uber chic - and it's simple. With a tie or t-shirt.

These fly clothes can be found at ASOS.com, premium brands. Who knew ay? who knew.

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