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For all those Evisu, True Religion, Seven, Nudie jean etc lovers, WWIT is honoured to bring you "Aniki" Jeans, by 2 Japanese denim designers, that plan to rival True Religion. Already they are getting a “cult” following in LA and even Usher has been sporting a pair. What do you think?

We have heard the clichés before about fashion for art's sake, but none have built a brand based on principle alone. Among the Yakuza in Japan, the word ‘Aniki’ means older brother, and denotes protection and respect for yourself and those around you. Everyone needs someone to look out for them at times, and we hope that we can be your ‘Aniki’.

Established in 2002, Aniki is a full menswear collection that was created in the heart of downtown Los Angeles by friends and family with a vision to design fashion that reflected the fusion of art and philosophy from Asian and Western cultures and traditions.

The collection consists of denim, tees, shirts, sweaters and jackets and all are handcrafted using the finest materials this planet has to offer. Each pair of jeans are encased in a custom wooden box emblazoned with Aniki, which can be re-used to store your most valued personal possessions.

The Dragon logo, which features heavily in the collections, continues the Eastern theme, as it not only symbolises honour, respect and dignity, but is the Chinese year in which both founders were born.

Aniki offers up unique, uber cool street style with a distinctive edge at prices starting from $65 for tees, $265 for denim and $220 for cashmere. The collection will be available online from *****.

For more stocklist/information and samples please contact:

Trey Mujakporue /+44 7956 135 722


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