Highstreet Spotlight - Firetrap!

I'm really really really impressed with Firetrap this summer, i happened to see a schoolboy-ish blazer that i really liked, and when i looked into it, i was amazed with the stuff they had to offer, totally under my radar, in my opinion their offering a bit more than your topshops, h&m's etc. Since the last time i checked firestrap, they've had a whole revamp, the collection is thoughtfully designed with the 20yr old something "London" guy in mind. I'm really excited. Check out their SS collection - Punk does Polo. Here are my favourite looks.

All different ways to wear really chic and cool seperates, everything from knitwear, blazers, coloured jeans, ergh..that got it all. Casual with soft tailoring, with accents of juicy colours and prints, mixing it all up, it's fresh and effortless! I'm loving the little details that will set them apart from the rest of the highstreet. The patterns, prints etc that i know won't be available anywhere else. Some of the looks are very similiar to D&G on the runway, I'm hitting the store TOMORROW...

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  1. Looks like some great stuff, i'll have to hit on this for my blog as well. Too bad they're only in the uk.