Ring ring...

One of my guilty pleasures are "Rings", i love rings and i think all guys should have one, just because you can tell a little about a person on the ring they carry, but were not talking about wedding or engagement rings. From looking at the detail and style of the ring it can possibly reflect the person's status or personality, about their personal style - this goes in hand with the rest of their outfit, if it's all co-cohesive, it's pretty correct. A good ring can let the world know that your a sophisticated, refined gentlemen. Unless were talking about gold sovereigns and other tickity tack metal scraps, but each to their own.

I only like silver rings, not really a gold person, i just don't connect with it (it really isn't that deep lol) but you have to see how it looks on your skin, if it ain't right, it's out of sight. Now i only like a certain style of ring, it has to be simple and elegant, or it can be intricute and exquisite but still sophisticated, Vivienne Westwood rings can do no wrong with me...but i did find some other kick ass rings that are different to what i've been seeing lately..let's take a look.

Spexton Jewllery are all handcrafted to perfection, quality durable and "elegant" rings. There is no risk of stone loss as the diamond is supported underneath by a strip of titanium. A rough-brushed finish completes the elegent, clever designs.

These are some pretty nice rings, and can be suitable for wedding, the modern man will agree. To find out more, click here >>

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