All eyes on - "All Saints"

Really like ALL SAINTS at the mo, they're doing it, doing it well! Here is my Best of....


So i usually do my "Sale" rounds, considering i have an unorthodox method of bargain hunting - when i got into a store, the first instincts i have when i'm looking around is, to have a good old poke through the areas which look boring or have nothing interesting, as oppose to the areas where EVERYONE is (too much) and almost everytime i will find something amazing that i can't stop telling people about! i swear! It's probably because the employees want to keep stuff for themselves, so they have to hide it somewhere no one will look in..hehehe...not from me!

Now I do love abit of all saints, they pride themselves in having cutting edge fashion for Men and women, there's attitude and it's very rough around the edges, you'll never see neon pink or overly bright accessories up in there and it's nice to know that they'll be consistent. The general colour palette are deep muted colours; greys, charcoal, deep olive, browns, beige, camel navy etc..you get the idea. Really easy to add to your current wardrobe and dress around, if your a smart shopper, you'll be able to find strong key pieces every season that you can update your wardrobe with with ease, it might be a little pricey, but i love all the little details All Saints have, new take on classic things, quirky twists - That's what i'm paying for. If you look at their ad campaign and how they wear certain things, you'll see it's all about how you wear it!

Speaking of which, i also shop in the ladies section. The "Suez" trousers that i have in (Camel, charcoal and grey check) are now £24 in sale, and NO ONE knew they were womens, and i've been getting a fair share of "jealous" but nice comments hehe. It's all in the mind, just cos it's in the womens section don't mean it's got to stay there! I've been lying to everyone telling them it's vivienne westwood, if you can you should!


  1. loving the all saints pants featured but im all the way up in manchester... any sadly they are not : (( any alternatives??

  2. Well ben! You can order online! it's the way forward! Get it while it lasts!

  3. wow.. i love your posts! you should post more often.

    support and love from the Phil.I.ppines