Creature Comforts - WWIT's Favourite look at the moment

With summer slowly and painfully draining away, with the on-slaught of rain that never seems to stop, with the very annoying and slightly confusing intervals of sunshine, there's no wonder people like me just want to live easy. This also applied to what i'm wearing; i want it to be effort free, and look it too.

The most important thing is comfort! waffer thin knits and layering allows me to shed when it's hot, and add when it's chilly, nothing clingy or tight please! easy does it... Key words are: Sludgy colours, muted palette, dull shades, cosi, soft layering, textural contrasts, crumpled cotton shirts, soft tailoring, slouchy fits.

So ditch the skinny jeans and skinny this that the other (for now) and steady on with easy living, until the weather sorts itself out. Meanwhile, Burberry Porsum is the inspiration and they do it so well.



  1. It seems hat once agaibn the British weather fails us when it coems to delivering the summer we all want. Every cloud has a silver lining thoguh and personally I am looking forward to autumnal dressing - I can't wait to try layering cardigans as seen in Burberry (I agree the looks are a great inspiration) and to play with contrasting textures...I might just be a little more experimental with my colour palette though.


  2. Who makes the brown shoes in the pic at the end ?

    congrats on a great site!!