Stepping up...and about time too!

Very exciting news indeed, and i do love a bit of highstreet, duh!! but "one" of my favorite one stop shops are h&m are taking menswear to the next level (oooooh, really!) a little bird told me that h&m are planning to offer us their most fashion-forward collection by far. With this capsule collection, available from September promises to deliver exiciting trends at affordable prices.

“This is a very exciting concept with a much higher fashion level,” says Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M’s head of design. “Men have become more into fashion and more daring when it comes to details and silhouettes which is great to see” - hm.com

And true to form too, i was hitting the sales at selfridges the other day and man.."no pun intended" I've never seen so many guys shop in my life, and by themselves too. No longer are they chaparoned by their significant other half, the brothers and doing it for themselves now. This just tells me that guys know what they want now and how they want to be presented, and understand themselves more. But just generally more confident at trying daring trends! Guys are more sophisticated now, and pay alot more attention to how other guys are dressed, on the street, TV, media, and know where to get what they want. They are buying more into the lifestyle that highstreet brands are offering - they want to be part of the story.

So you can understand my excitment, from the previous posts about a/w trends! I can expect to rock the anticipated trends without denting my overdraft (oops, i meant wallet). Things to look out for:

- Images from GQ.com

"The capsule collection goes from big ideas - jumpsuits, fake fur coats - to the pieces where clever design is pushed to the limit. Menswear right now is all about choice, which means tailoring goes from both sleek, grey and active, to more flamboyant dogtooth check suits with wide lapels. Trouser styles include all the key shapes from cropped and skinny to Jodhpur style and bootcut.

Checks are the big casual statement of the moment, with great lumberjack shirts to wear the whole weekend long, or plaid trousers for those who want a twist on their daywear look. Big knits are a huge story in menswear right now, and the new collection allows H&M designers to turn up the volume, transforming cardigans into outerwear and making an oversize scarf the centrepiece of an outfit. Indeed accessories are a big part of the fashion-forward world, like the faux fur scarf to add a touch of luxury to your look, or the brilliant brown leather bag to carry you through the day.

For those men who want to be fashion insiders, they’ll now be able to get those hard-to-find pieces at H&M. Ready to try the all-in-one craze? At H&M, you’ll find the most perfect jumpsuit around, with just the right mix of utility and wearability. Want the surprise of a faux-fur coat? There it is, cut with just the right amount of oversized swagger. Desperate for the new way of distressing? Try the “Jackson Pollock” inspired yellow-splattered trousers. And this is just for starters. As the seasons move on, H&M will be spotlighting all the big trends that matter in menswear." -Hm.com

THE CONCEPT: High fashion at an affordable price
COLOURS: Black, white, grey with splashes of colour
FABRICS: Cotton, wool, wool flannel, faux fur
KEY PIECES: Oversized knit cardigan, jumpsuit, bootcut trousers, lumberjack shirt, Jodhpur trousers, white tuxedo suit, faux fur scar

Faux fur? and jumpsuit? from highstreet! hell yeah...I'm definately stalking them from September 1st! I would be looking for the key pieces that will last me the whole winter, have to be a smart shopper and edit! edit edit edit, cos i know some of you will get trigger happy and get the most outrageous thing you can get your hands on! will be reminding you guys closer to the time. So watch this space.

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