After a manic week, there really isn't a better way to spend your sunday then to sleep in late..then take yourself down to bricklane...and be in the thick of the buzzing markets, people from all walks of life...and after you've worked up an appetite from the walking, hit the international food market to culture yourself from cuisine from all around the world..it really is the essence of eastend london...and you can do it all under £30!

Which bring me to the clothes..i was on a hunt for a tweed blazer, and although the highstreet have a good selection, it's still a tad pricey - even more so when you can get a genuine article full of character (and smell), for only £25! Tartan, country heritage, dogtooth, herringbone..all the same price..i must admit, i had to fight for the one i wanted - but all worth it i assure you.

So food, £3, bargain navy & black totally lush tweed blazer £25 from ROKIT = £28! Cheapest day out yet. I would of been over budget if i wasn't still recovering from the alchol overdose over the weekend.

Thats it - am on a mission to see what i can get with the remaining £2.

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