So I guess you've also heard about TOPMAN's ambitious expansion, a whole new floor, plus more more more!? You know I had to check it out, and all the excitement is true - The original men's floor remains the same, allocated denim/jeans area, smarts, basics, changing room..etc at first i thought it was quite because it didn't usually have as many people as it should around after work hours..BUT a stairway has opened up..(oooh) as you walk up the orange illuminated stairs, a lot has gone into creating excitement for the new floor, neon frame pictures, plasma screens all greet you on the way up..smiles already..

At the top of the stairs, i remembered uttering, "It's MA-HOO-SIVE" My eyes went straight for the footwear section, which seemingly has expanded by three folds! Which now stock other brands and recognised concessions (Including clothing+accessories) like:

* People's Market
* 23:23
* Self
* Upper 5th
* New Love Club
* Goodietwosleeves
* The Youth Firm
* Monkee Genes
* House of the Gods
* Amplified
* Black Dice
* Hudson
* Converse
* Fred Perry
* Jeepers Peepers
* Rough Trade
* and more...

There is sooo much to look at, I didn't know where to begin! I was overwhelmed by envy and depression whilist looking around at people relishing in their recent purchases, as i tried to calm myself down, by saying "my time will come" I just couldn't help but be so proud of Topman leading the way for us guys, this re-opening is a reassurance that menswear is growing itself out of recession!, never has an high-street store reacted with such confidence, the new floor can now compete with the feamale counter parts, guys are now definitely WORTH IT TOO (you see what i'e done there?).

Topman now stock extra special collections from MAN, Christopher Shannon, La Coste, and a whole bunch of young designers like Carolyn Massey thrown in the mix that will just open up the London's accessibility to designer pieces at reasonable prices, I am overly impressed and feel very much part of this exclusive movement. This will provide the new upcoming designers an amazing platform to gain exposure, and for the customer to grow with the brand and establish a following with the different designers. The future customer will be so much more shop savvy and brand conscious. I love that it has still kept the funky, electic spirit that is so exciting about London's young and stylish. I couldn't contain myself, I've mentally marked over 20+ items I want to purchase by the end of this month!( good luck with that).

Before I continue, you'll have to excuse my poor quality pictures, i was caught trying to take pics with the digi cam but i wasn't about to give up, so camera fone will suffice! There was one consistent piece i noticed throughout store, and it was how strong the knitwear was? (click on the picture to enlarge) It was one of the main things that jumped out, it had colour, it had print, it had texture it was interesting, retro and looked expensive. I didn't have time to take pictures of every piece, but it's clear the choices are just astounding! I pulled out a few of my favourite pieces from different collections, it had my mind racing with all the ideas for future issues.

If you haven't already done so, march yourself down to TOPMAN and celebrate your right to look amazing, if you need a little help, just go over to AREA 211 and get someone to do it all for you while you relax in a private area. Your team of stylists will recommend what's best for you and all you have to is say yes or no..this ultimate shopping experience is no longer exclusive to the elite, but now to you and me! Just don't go crazy...

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