SUMMER HEAT?! - My weapons of choice are....

When it comes to dealing with the awful humidity in small spaces, which is usually the public transport I have a few tips to combat not only the heat, but all the 'lovely' simmering body odours that you may come into contact with...now maybe it's a personal preference for me, but if I know I am going to be in close proximity to someone, or infact ANYONE...I would make sure they'll only have nice things to say in the smell department, which is why I am sharing with you my personal weapons of choice to hopefully avoid bad experiences (to many to name), these will offer a pleasant experience for you AND whoever you're close to not only on public transport, I find that certain fragrances will alleviate heat rage, and it's always a good indication of good hygiene and personal taste - above all it's just sexy when someone smells good, period.

Before I start I do want to point out that writing about grooming products is NOT my bag, so be kind at my futile attempt to describe the 'scent', it'll pretty much be copied and pasted from somewhere, BUT I will try to be descriptive as possible and in the most simple way possible, here goes:

WHAT: Burberry Sport for Men, top notes: Ginger, Sea water and citruses
WHEN: Perfect for mornings, day time to afternoon. It's fresh, light and crisp and reminds me of when you crack open up a can of 7UP
WHO: Ideal for men about town, with active lifestyles and sports oriented - I use it all day long to make the  fresh and clean feeling last.
WHERE: Get it at Cheapsmells.com for a fraction of it's retail price!

WHAT: Diesel Only the Brave (Captain America Edition), top notes: Leather, Lemon, Cedar and Amber
WHEN: A truly masculine smell, sweet and musky and lasts all day! As a marvel comic fan, I really don't need another excuse to own this cologne, the bottle rules!
WHO: Good for those who wear uniform all day, if you going to wear something all day long might is well make it smell good, 2 sprays around the neck is more than sufficient for the scent to last day to night - Value for money!
WHERE: Get it at Boots now.

WHAT: Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’Homme, top notes: Bergamot, Cardamom and Cedar with Lavender and Vetiver
WHEN: One of the sexiest men's colognes out there, it's mysterious and lends itself to what I can only describe to be 'after hours', the packaging is an obvious indication to when it's seductive powers come alive (haha). I've had many many compliments about this one, it's a keeper!
WHO: Designed for close body contact, I'm picturing evenings with cool summer breezes, dates, dinner maybe? The sophisticated combination of hard and soft in the scent makes for the perfect compliment to a suit and crisp white shirt, for all your evening endeavours...
WHERE: Make a saving of £4:30 at Ebay.co.uk

WHAT: Hermes Terre D'hermes, top notes: Atlas Cedar, mixture of Grapefruit, Pepper, Roses and Gunflint
WHEN: One of my favourites, perfect for long warm evenings, it's delicious in summer and it's enticing in winter, the scent will transform when sprayed on skin, something about the heat from your body will activate the scent, irresistible to the opposite sex (apparently)! 
WHO: A cologne for someone confident, strong and cultured, it's popularity is growing and this is prompting me to get mine before it finishes.
WHERE: Almost a £10 saving at Cheapsmells.com, get it here now!

Of course, with all that has been said, do not rely on these to combat body odours, anti-perspirent and deodorant IS the correct product to do so, for this I strongly recommend SURE FOR MEN, it does exactly what it says on the tin, last 24 hours! Never fails, I swear by it, once in the morning and you're good to go...

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